Notes on Roma History in Slovakia (Part 1)

Here are some panels about the past few centuries, based on Willy Guy’s essay in this book by Josef Koudelka … (The book’s mostly photos from Roma settlements in Eastern Slovakia during the 1960s.  The essay provides context.  Drawing it all out in comics format is my way of processing & understanding the material.)

… ~ (CONTINUED in PART 2) ~ ….

I’m also experimenting with how I’ll post comics while I’m in Slovakia (without the benefit of my desktop scanner!)…  In this case, I laid the cards on top of a book cover (Koudelka’s book, of course) and took their picture with my camera.



  1. About a month ago I was really struggling with my explanation of the Gypsy [read Roma] issue to some Australian friends.
    Ah, if I had known about this!

    Brilliant, thanks

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