Life and Death Homework

Life is too short to do both homework AND comics … So I will do BOTH at SAME TIME!

This story documents near-death experience I had last week AND it practices past tense and animate possessive form in basic Slovak.  Translations follow each image….

1. Comfortable was rabbit´s bed. 2. But rabbit´s class started at half to 9!  3. Rabbit´s hotel was full.  4. In office, male cat´s face was ugly. 

1. Hostel´s staircase was long…   2. And longer still path of Municipal Botanical Gardens.  3. Electric tram of Friday came not early.  4. Rabbit´s watch shows half to nine (8.30am).

1. Horse´s car waited for rabbit.  2. Bell of electric tram sounded.  3.  (NONE)

1. (NONE)  2. (NONE)  3. By luck, electric tram did not flatten rabbit´s head.

It is not often in my life that I have come that close to a violent messy end.  Somehow drawing it out in cartoon animal form has actually helped me process the experience…



  1. I am glad indeed that “electric tram did not flatten rabbit’s head.” This class you are talking about. Is this something you are teaching or attending as a student?

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