Wrds 4: “Mrzka mrkva”

<< BEFORE: Market swallow!

Now we are starting to collect good stock of words without vowels… Let´s try some sentences!

Note that for these sentences, we will have to allow some words with vowels.  However, goal at this stage is to keep gross vowel content below 20%.

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  1. Dear Marek: Wonderful drawings. Love this carroty sentence. Reminds of this wonderful book I am reading by Ian Frazier, Travels in Siberia, and his vignettes describing his lessons in Russian. He includes sentences his teacher used to illustrate the case endings of nouns, like (and these are transliterated by him, of course) Momont lezhal v sinei peshchere (The mammoth lay in the blue cave) or U vas nyet stradanii (You have no suffering). And goes on to give some wonderful phrases translated this way: Mir zakonchitsya za odnu nedelyu (The world ended in one week) and Krov’ velikikh geroev otstroila gorod (The blood of great heroes built the city), not to miss the smaller sentiments in Boris zaplatil creditoram zdaniem (Boris paid his creditors with a building). Happy further travels and discoveries! Janet

  2. I remember that part of TRAVELS IN SIBERIA! What a wonderful book — definitely an inspiration to me as I explore this corner of the world.

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