Drawing at chram sv. Martina (day 3)

<< BEFORE: Drawing & chatting & mopping before the old altar

I’ve been drawing at the local church so much that I’m losing track of which day is which.
This day felt like something of a breakthrough…

NEXT: Story of one saint… >>


4 thoughts on “Drawing at chram sv. Martina (day 3)

  1. I’ve been enjoying reading all the strips you have been posting. It’s great to keep up with your adventures over there. This church series is awesome and I loved the two part stairwell saga. Take care!

    • Thanks, Dave == The stairwell saga is still ongoing, just on the back-burner during more recent near-death experiences. Stay tooned! == M
      PS. I look forward to watching some of your many new videos and talking animation with you when I am back in the western Northeast.

      • Awesome, yeah the stairwell saga had ended on a cliffhanger–I look forward to the exciting conclusion! I’d love to talk animation with you when you return. It’s something I’m quite interested in learning a lot more about.

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