What was the soup?

Read on!  The outrage is only beginning… >>


7 thoughts on “What was the soup?

  1. I have to say that you made my day today when I saw this comic. I just sweated and slaved over a “typical American Thanksgiving” b/c my in-laws were in town from Slovakia (MIL here for 5 monhts and FIL for 1 month). We also had several other Slovak family and friends over and I was determined to show them the best and biggest T-giving. And do you know what…there was no soup! “Strasne, strasne” is what I heard several times throughout the weekend…nene zemakove salat? nene kapusta? And even more strange for them, of course, was the slatky zemake casserole. Needless to say I have enough leftover for Christmas dinner!

    I printed your comic and will put it on my refrigerator so whenever I feel a bit criticized I will look at the fridge and just laugh it off! Thank you:):) Just curious, what are your thoughts on warm water to drink and warm milk? Babka thinks its terrible that I give my kids cold milk…or cold anything really?!

    • Wow, that sounds like you have some good comics material in your family, too. Thanks for the story!

  2. I must admit that since I have arrived back in the USA (Unaccompanied Soup of America) I have partaken of more than one meal that was SOUP AND SOUP ALONE! It’s yummy, but I keep glancing over my shoulder, waiting for someone to object…

    • Just think what she would say about Americans eating cold salad and salad alone for dinner! Babka thought the waiter made a mistake when he brought her a large cold chicken caesar salad…Oyoyoyo.

      Just one more story…they keep coming every night…last night I was so excited to share a special log of goat cheese rolled in blueberries with our guests. Tso to ye? Tady blueberries. To nene musne…America…they make everything slatky. strasne! I can’t win:):) What on earth am I going to serve for Christmas dinner…I’m scared to order the traditional honey baked ham. I fear they might have a heart attack!

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