Lives of the Saints: Sv. Barbora

Saint Barbara appears in the very first panel of the St. Anne altar (closed position) at Lipany’s chram Sv. Martina.  In that particular altar, she is the only saint to appear alongside a big building.  (In other images, she carries a smaller tower in her arms.)  She also carries a sword, which usually means she was executed by beheading.

I was intrigued by her expression, and by the urgent way she points to the tower.  What is she trying to say?

Well, here is her life… or rather, then end of it:


6 thoughts on “Lives of the Saints: Sv. Barbora

  1. Man…that is brutal. These comics you’ve been producing are just…so-sooo good. I can’t tell you what a joy it has been getting your updates. I read ’em all. I noticed that your Thanksgiving post ended with, “Thanksgiving Day / Henniker, NH, USA.” Are you done with your travels in Slovakia? How long will you continue updating this website. Whatever the answer, it’s been a pleasure to watch it unfold.

  2. Wot Ryan said! I’ve been enjoying your posts and comics enormously and look forward to seeing the print version. The comics are a splendid combination of autobio, travel journal, and historical exposition. I *really* liked the one where your older female relative in Slovakia just could not accept the notion of a meal without soup. She and my Polish grandmother would have gotten along famously.

  3. Thanks, Ryan and Al… To answer your questions: YES, I am (after a long session of rushing, sitting, waiting, enduring, enjoying, and adapting) back in the USA (at my desk at home, at the moment). My rabbit alter-ego remains in Slovakia (he’s really lagging pretty far behind me at this point) and so we will continue to post updates and details of adventures there on this site for some time to come. Stay tuned!

  4. Marek,

    Thanks for the speedy reply. I wish you well as you scratch away at the ole’ drawing table in Henniker. Can’t wait to see how your new opus takes form.


    I didn’t know you followed Marek too! What a great surprise. Always good to hear from ya and see you around the interwebz.

  5. I find it interesting that most if not all of the female saints are beautiful. When you hear on te news that some young person dies it’s always “such a great person”, and never – “the guy was an ass hole!”

    • Well, I think people get polished up a bit in their obituaries. Then, when they get painted onto the altars, they tend to get further beautified… Or maybe it’s all those centuries of adoration and prayer that accumulate around them?

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