Erby Slovenska (Erbs of Slovakia)

I have recently discovered this interesting site, which lists all the “erby” of all the towns in Slovakia!

An “erb” is an official symbol used by a particular village or town.  Every municipality in Slovakia has one, and each one refers to a story, product, or idea that is particularly important to that community.  As a cartoonist, I especially enjoy finding the erb of each new town I visit and trying to figure out what it says about the history of that town.

For example, the erb of Lipany (where I lived for two months this Fall) shows the seven linden trees which once grew on the site where the town was originally founded.   The original name of the town was “Sieben Linden”, which of course is German for “Seven Linden Trees”.  The descendants of these original seven trees still tower over Lipany’s downtown church…

Here is a small gallery of a few erby from the towns around Lipany, in the Sabinov region of eastern Slovakia:

Astute readers will also note the erb of Sabinov, which is basically a head on a plate.  (This erb is what led to the St. John mini-comic.)