One night while I was shaving

After I drew this comic, I became aware of the following subtleties of the Slovak language:

  • “Mame zabijačku” = “we will BE slaughtered”
  • “Robime zabijačku” = “we will DO a slaughter”

Clearly, in the final version of this comic, I will have to change Tomaš’s spoken line, which I have here so egregiously misquoted.  (See what kind of trouble a little language study can get you into?)

IF you are really into the topic of dental health, you might also thrill to the story of Sveta Apolonia

6 thoughts on “One night while I was shaving

  1. Steven Tyler fell and lost some teeth! Missed that headline! Don’t know if your mom ever told you, but I knew Steve way back in our pre-teen years. His grandmother was my piano teacher. Name was Tallarico then. Have his bio if you’d like to read. . . Roger Ebert, the movie critic, is an amazing story of survival–lost his lower jaw to cancer. He uses a voice box, I think, and continues to write extensively.

    • Thank you, Janet — your kind words sustain me! But all is not lost, I drew that comic to Sv. Apolonia & she cured me!

      • And I totally should’ve recognized the influence in your piano style… Don’t know how I missed that! 8v)

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