Really Big Comics: Prešov’s Kalvarias

Won’t you join us for a walk up Prešov’s own Calvary hill?  It just happens to be one of the biggest comics we came across during our trip:

 This Calvary takes the form of an enormous Krušova Cesta (Path of Crucifixion) on the bluffs at the edge of town. As we climb the concrete stairs criss-crossing the steep face of the wooded hill, increasingly ornate chapels loom above us…
Let’s step up to the grate and see what is inside one of these chapels…

Oh, why it is a great big relief panel of the crucifixion process:

That one shows Jesus being hauled down off the cross.
What’s in the next chapel?

Oh, that is Jesus in Gethsemane, being offered a bitter cup… Look at all those apostles snoring away!
Now we are approaching the top of the hill:

…where you can look out over all of Prešov and the surrounding valleys:

At the very top, beside a crumbling old graveyard, an all-ages crowd surrounds the main chapel, where mass is being held on one of the last warm sunny afternoons of the Fall. Inside the chapel, we find an intriguing altar that features a bright heavenly light above the three main crosses (Jesus and two equally vivacious thieves)…

…and tucked behind the altar table, a bizarre little window in Hell:

Nothing like a good large-scale life-and-afterlife comic that takes an hour to walk through and read!  Several of these chapels are in need of repair, or under reconstruction.  Hopefully someday soon visitors will be able to walk the path and read the entire story… All out of chronological order, of course!

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