Time to make some soup

One rabbit’s quest to connect kitchens in USA and Slovakia.

<< BEFORE: See what it is about, all this soup uproar…  And NOW:


9 thoughts on “Time to make some soup

  1. vinegar in soup? i’ve only put that in bean soup! vegeta….i know i’ve seen that somewhere…need to see if they have it the grocery store;)
    and those helpful kitties sure get around,don’t they?

    • I think a little vinegar in with the bones helps them cook up…
      Here is the VEGETA homepage: http://www.vegeta.com/ (Who would have guessed?)
      I like this quote: “According to dieticians’ opinion, avoiding attacks of huger [sic] is one of the most important roles of snacks.”

  2. Guys, vegeta is Evil. Dont use it ever. Babkas were used it, just because it is easyer way to make a food. You dont need to have vegetables. Salt and vegetables are all what you need. And bones.

    • Miro —
      Salt, vegetables, and bones = all you need? Agreed! I think at least in terms of soup-making, it’s best to avoid anything that comes in a color-printed foil envelope. But … I remember as a kid thinking VEGETA was just the coolest thing.
      “Evil” with a capital “E”? Well, I guess only Evil With a Capital E could come up with the that dieticians quote…

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