Label Patrol: Dolphin

Whenever you see an all-English label in a Slovak market, you know you are in for a wild ride!
(“Oh, is that what dolphin looks like? We cook dolphin in America, too!”)

It turns out “Dolphin” is a plastic bag you wrap around chicken while it bakes. Actually, I had never seen this before, but Babka swore by it. Maybe I am old-fashioned, but chicken roasting in a cracklin’ juice-givin’ plastic bag just does not appetize me… HOWEVER, we must note that Babka’s dolphin-chicken sure was delicious!

To my surprise, I returned to America for Thanksgiving to find people HERE cooking their turkeys in “dolphins”!


4 thoughts on “Label Patrol: Dolphin

  1. oh yeah….they came out with those cook in bags back in the 70s i think….when nobody wanted to have to scrub those big aluminum 99cent roasting pans anymore. they also make them in brown paper now to be more green.
    BUT you can make your owns with just a plain ol brown paper bag (without any inky writing on it).
    you can call your bag whatever you want….go ahead. tell people you’re gonna feed ’em unicorns!

    • Oh, so I am only 40 years out of date.
      I think it’s funny that they would invent something disposable to keep you from having to clean another disposable thing.

  2. That’s a great idea–to use a brown bag instead. I remember my mum using these bags for chicken–actually seemed terrific as one could thrown in spices, herbs, whatever, and the chicken did emerge quite juicy! Of course, nowadays, we prefer that the fat slip away. . .

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