Lipany panoramae

Here are two panorama tilings I took of Lipany during the Fall.

In this first image, we were picnicking on the Eastern hill, not far from the old bomb shelter tunnel, after a long and fruitful (and, as it turned out later, potentially lethal) hunt for mushrooms:

  • You can clearly see the neighborhood where my babka lives on the far right of town.
  • To the right of that is Balaška, where the trails lead up to the very roof of Central Europe (and where I saw a wolf one day!) (and also one day I did NOT see a wolf…).
  • As we sat here, we could watch deer running up and down those fields on the other side of the Kamenica valley.
  • The wooded hillside you see on the far valley wall (center) is the garden city above town, where many families have little huts, extensive hillside gardens, and orchards.

If you walk to the radio tower on the left side of the above picture, and then go one hill beyond it, you will come to this view (one month later):

On this cold gray November day you can see:

  • some of the smokestacks of the valley floor
  • the steeple of the chram
  • a few apartment buildings in the center of town.

Note how the town settles into the valley and leaves the fields open.  On the very right of this panorama, you are looking down into the briary tangle of the old Jewish cemetery.  On the far side of the valley is the hillside where my great-great grandparents lived, until all the old houses there got bulldozed and the people moved into the apartment towers.


3 thoughts on “Lipany panoramae

  1. Nice to settle back on the hills of Lipany with your photo montage. It’s so hard to capture those panoramic views that are every where on those open hill sides. It’s good to get a feel for the countryside from your panorama but the photograph never seems capture the emotion as well as your artist’s hand.

  2. I agree about the emotion, Judith – And it is so sad to hear that these old homes were bulldozed for tower blocks. That happens in so many places and is so sad.

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