Babka Cooks: Halušky s Kapustou



Wow… I thought drawing out recipe comics would be so EASY, since I already know the whole story and it’s just a matter of getting down the ingredients and sequencing the actions. Boy, was I wrong! For some reason this particular episode took a couple days to draw, as it’s tricky to get the right point of view and pace.

Drawing this also reminded me of how much you can learn by hanging out in someone’s kitchen and cooking with them.

Here is what halušky s kapustou (“dumpling-noodles with cabbage”, A.K.A. kapustové halušky = “cabbagy dumpling-noodles”) look like in the wild:

(The dish on the top is actually bryndzové halušky (“sheep cheese dumpling-noodles”), which is basically the Slovak national dish.  Its cabbage-cousin dish is in the lower bowl.)

And just in case you’re wondering, here is what halušky s kapustou looks like if you substitute home-made noodles for halušky:

For a different, perhaps less … er … “comicsy” view of this whole process, see Pravda.SK‘s Halušky s Kapustou recipe.