Hospitality self-defense workshop

This whole self-defense concept is all tongue-in-cheek, of course… but JUST IN CASE you find yourself visiting lots of family in Slovakia and you feel COMPELLED to eat/drink/try WAY too much food…


7 thoughts on “Hospitality self-defense workshop

  1. This column and your previous one really made my wife and I laugh. This was exactly our experience with visiting family in Slovakia. One tip: if you are driving the car to get to relative’s houses, you can refer to yourself as the “chauffeur” (not sure how you would spell that in Slovak, but they seem to understand that) and your family members will likely back off on alchoholic beverages after the first drink. The drunk driving laws are more rigorously enforced there over the past 20 years.

    • Ken —
      Absolutely, in fact, I am still planning some more pages on my Grand Unified Hospitality Theory, which articulates the logic underlying this seemingly chaotic blizzard of home-baked snacks, hot drinks, palienky, and (sometimes) bottles of perfume… 8^)
      The excusatory term I like to use is “šoferujem!” (accompanied by hands up, miming a grip on a steering wheel)… but it doesn’t always fly if you arrived on foot.
      — M

  2. This was great, Marek! Spent a little time in Croatia playing on the tennis tour – and always had to fight off people in town trying to get us to drink beers with them while we were on our way to practice!

    • Friends in Bratislava introduced me to almond-based brandy which I believe was Croatian in origin. Its effects on my tennis game have yet to be determined.

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