Všetkych Svätych (All Saints) 3 – night walk

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10 thoughts on “Všetkych Svätych (All Saints) 3 – night walk

    • Sorry — I got interrupted on this sequence by a memorial piece for Vaclav Havel. We will resume our night walk either before, during, or after the Christmas break.

  1. I always love when your characters wander out into the Slovakian countryside. You capture it so well. Dakujem.

  2. oh dude,holding us in suspense like a present wrapped under the tree!!!
    though i have to ask…what sort of dog is a ‘low voiced’ dog??? is it low pitch or low in volume??

    • That was a particular dog who lived in a little cage at the very edge of town, where the fields took off up into the highlands. Her name was R.L.V.D. (Ridiculously Low-Voiced Dog)… Or at least, that’s what I called her. It probably wasn’t her real name. She had a RIDICULOUSLY low, gruff, menacing bark. When I draw her comic, her word bubbles will all hang down out of the panels and be all ragged and bloody and formed out of rotten bones… “ROH ROH ROOH ROOH”… Every neighborhood should have an RLVD of its own.

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