Raw Milk 1

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7 thoughts on “Raw Milk 1

  1. Marek: I recall Prague 1992: in the old Soviet style markets – local EGGS came 6 in a paper bag, piled delicately in large wire baskets near the cashier. Have you seen those?

    • S — I think I was a little too young to notice grocery shopping details like that in my first few visits to Slovakia… Babka still likes to buy eggs from what I think of as the “Black Market”, but which is really a sort of informal wholesale network. That usually involves finding out who has a large number of eggs, going to their apartment on a certain day, and coming out with a stack of those 36-egg carton trays in your hands. I never saw her buy 6 eggs at a time, though — she probably couldn’t make enough cake with only six eggs! — M

  2. half-fat is “polotučné”, not “polnotučné”, and enduring is “trvanlivé”, not “trpanlivé” 😉

    • D’aka — Blame mistakes in pocket notebook notes for this! “polnotucne” must be half polotucne & half plnotucne, which would be what… stvrtotucne?
      Or maybe it means “farm fat” (pol’no-tucne)?

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