Lives of the Saints: Opatka Otilia

Opatka Otilia with her symbol (“EYES ON BOOK”), as sketched from Lipany’s St. Anne Altar:

5 thoughts on “Lives of the Saints: Opatka Otilia

  1. When this comic came up in my reader it made me think how I’ve been glossing over the “Lives of the Saints” strips because I don’t like reading about missionary work or torture, and then I read it anyway and it contained neither!

  2. Yes yes, Otilia is exciting because she’s the only saint in the bunch to NOT meet a grisly, horrible ending by the last panel. She is also the most recent saint out of all the saints on that particular altar, living sometime in the 7th century C.E. (Her abbey was on a hill called Hohenburg, on the Rhine.) I’m not sure if that indicates a general trend away from the bloody excesses of the early saints (who mostly lived during the Pagan Roman empire…).
    Oh wait, never mind, the 8th and final saint of the bunch (Ursula) features the highest body count of any of the stories, by about three orders of magnitude. Stay tuned!

    • Few of these hagiographies show any kind of character development, so YES, it is indeed a relief to see Adalric trying to make amends for his past.

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