Raw Milk 2: I used to be intimidated

<< Raw Milk 1: origin of raw milk!


I had actually sort of envisioned a full-page picture of the AUTOMAT, with readable labels ON it, so the reader could just take it all in alone.  Would that be a better way to show this, or do you like having the rabbit give you a piecemeal tour (with commentary)? 

Raw Milk vending machine enthusiasts will enjoy such cheap thrills as a Google image search on Slovak terms like “automat mlieko”.  Careful readers will note this high-profile photo of the primator (mayor) of Presov getting milk with the door wide open, confirming rabbit’s translational/logical interpretation of the deliberately obscure label above the dispensing platform (see panels #8-11 above).


7 thoughts on “Raw Milk 2: I used to be intimidated

  1. Tough to tell without seeing the standalone picture to know its effectiveness. I did enjoy the walkthrough that Rabbit provided. I am also amazed that there is a machine that sells raw milk!

  2. I like the way you did it. It would be hard to interpret the full page of the lovely milk machine. It’s interesting that raw milk is so important for Slovak food preparation.

  3. Hmmm, yes, I like having the tourguide too… But sometimes I worry the 3×4 grid makes the reader look through tiny peepholes all the time, when sometimes you just want to have a bona fide vista of the scene & look for yourself. Maybe I’ll have to draw an Automat portrait poster before we can decide…

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