Lives of the Saints: Uršula

Q) How long can wily Uršula avoid advances of pagan princes & hotblooded Huns?

A) Two pages, the shortest of any of our Lives of the Saints series.

Sometimes Uršula gets confused with Kristina, because they both carry around arrows in their symbolic portraits (right).  From what I’ve seen, Uršula seems to be more common in Eastern Slovakia than Kristina, so I decided she was most likely the subject of the original panel on Lipany’s St. Anna altar, which I sketched in November (right).

I had to look around a bit to find Uršula’s story… there are actually several versions of the legend, all clearly somewhat fogged by the mists of time.  Somewhere I read she was born in 383 A.D.  I suppose the next step would be to track down when the Huns laid seige to Cologne.  Then, somewhere else I read that the church had actually declared Uršula was not a historic person, and that the legend had no historical basis at all.  Then I had to stop researching (for now) and get back to work drawing.

In panel #11 Uršula refuses the chief with a simple “No.”  After drawing it, I really felt like she should be saying, “No WAY!”  But I couldn’t decide if I should change it or not…  (It would play off the casual modernism of her “That was easy!” escape line.)

This concludes our Lives of the Saints series for Lipany’s St. Anna Altar.

NO WAIT! There’s ONE MORE saint story left…! >>

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