“Lives of the Saints” Comics Altar @ Currier Museum

C+D+K‘s new “LIVES OF THE SAINTS” COMICS ALTAR will be on display at the Currier Museum this Winter!  If you’re in the Manchester, NH area, please join us* for this week’s reception:

Thursday, 2 February
6:00-8:00 pm
Opening Reception for the
Currier Art Center Faculty Exhibition**
@ Currier Museum

This altar presents a 3’x2′ array of eight folding doors made from cardboard, tape, paper, and ink,  featuring all eight “LIVES OF THE SAINTS” stories from Lipany’s St. Anna altar.  The format combines Slavic gothic winged altars (see also “polyptychs”) and more modern photocopied mini-comics.

Here’s the construction process in photographs:

* On the evening of the receoption, you can tell “Visitor Services” you’re a guest at the Art Center Faculty Exhibition, and they will let you into the museum for free!  No kidding!  Try it!  (Let me know what happens.)
**(All items in the exhibition are available for sale as a fund-raiser for the Currier Art Center.)


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