WWII in Slovakia

<< Rabbit reads at computer terminal in SNP Museum

“GOVERNMENT” (REDRAW) PART 3: Let’s look at rabbit’s initial impression of enormous history of Second World War in Slovakia:

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Like any passages featuring reductions of entire peoples and nations into single cartoon animals, these pages took me a lot of effort (read: time, sitting, procrastinating, drinking tea, walking) to draw.  The real history of WWII in Slovakia is so much more complex than rabbit realizes, but somehow wolves and sheep seem appropriate for some ethnic relationships in the history…  As we shall see, the metaphor breaks down when we consider the fates of ethnic minorities within the Slovak Republic during the war.  (You get a hint of this when the wolves eat each other, above.)

Maybe just as rabbit sees face reflected in computer screen, we see only our own faces reflected in animals we draw and history we read.

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8 thoughts on “WWII in Slovakia

  1. i really like these strips about history, the war etc. it puts things in perspective that everyone can understand. it might be a more simplistic way of putting things, but hopefully it will get folks instead enough to do some more searching themselves (or searching of themselves?). if nothing else we can see things a bit better through the eyes of a rabbit, a sheep or even that nasty old wolf with the bad mustache!

  2. i think your simplification here works well to explain how a people can act in ways that seem so counter to their beliefs – and justify slides down slopes they would never think to do… powerful piece.

    • Yes, given stated Nazi objectives of eliminating the Slavs of the East, Slovakia was playing a dangerous “dance with the devil” game indeed…

    • Oh, and also Nick — I don’t mean to imply that the horrors of the holocaust (in whatever forms they were visited upon Slovakia… and more on that in the future) were something people would “never think to do”. We may, at this late date, consider deportations or seizure laws “unthinkable”, but coming out of the ethnic survival mindset of the 19th century, ethnic cleansing (and purification thereby of the new Slovak state) seems to have been entirely “thinkable” to many ethnic Slovaks — witness the popularity of the Hlinka Guard ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hlinka%27s_Slovak_People%27s_Party ) during the Slovak Republic.

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