WWII in Slovakia

<< Rabbit reads at computer terminal in SNP Museum

“GOVERNMENT” (REDRAW) PART 3: Let’s look at rabbit’s initial impression of enormous history of Second World War in Slovakia:

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Like any passages featuring reductions of entire peoples and nations into single cartoon animals, these pages took me a lot of effort (read: time, sitting, procrastinating, drinking tea, walking) to draw.  The real history of WWII in Slovakia is so much more complex than rabbit realizes, but somehow wolves and sheep seem appropriate for some ethnic relationships in the history…  As we shall see, the metaphor breaks down when we consider the fates of ethnic minorities within the Slovak Republic during the war.  (You get a hint of this when the wolves eat each other, above.)

Maybe just as rabbit sees face reflected in computer screen, we see only our own faces reflected in animals we draw and history we read.

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