Daniel finds a cause (part 3)

While we’re jumping from storyline to storyline, we might as well check in on everyone’s favorite American ex-pat pre-med student Daniel, who, when last we saw him:

  1. got stuck in “NO RE-ENTRY” stairway in Bratislava skyscraper
  2. escaped and confronted crusty old security guard about incident
We join our hero in mid-argument:

Daniel swore by the term “přístup” as a handy way to polarize any argument and shock opponents (at least older Czech opponents, who may have some memories and/or associations with the region’s past communist regimes) into abject shame and contrition. He seems to be right… at least about the polarizing part.

The only instances of this word I have come across in Slovak have a more neutral meaning, more like “access” or “approach,” as in, “this is the Slovak APPROACH to things” (like Slavo’s “Slovak mentality” comment).  Still, according to Daniel, the word worked its magic on this old security guard, and any scraps of tolerance or humor immediately dropped like rotten apples from the conversation’s thorny branches…

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