Song: “Slovenske mamicky”

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“Slovenské mamičky” is popular Slovak folk song connecting Slovak land with Slovak blood and regional history of conflict and tragedy:

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  1. As a slovenska mamicka, I’ve always loved this song without knowing exactly what it was saying. Slovaks always embrace it when they sing it, and now I can see why. Thanks for the beautiful pictorial interpretation which captures the culture and landscape of Slovakia

    1. Yes, Beatrix — Something about this song seems to span centuries of wars to unite them in loss.

  2. Ahoj Marek,
    First, let me thank you for sharing these clever, thoughtful and well-crafted komiks. Lately I have been missing Slovakia, and these pages have made my day. I wonder if I might re-blog this page in a post I am writing about Slovak language learning on my site, Consider Culture. Len daj mi vedieť. Pekný deň!
    – Suzanne (alebo Zuzi, ak chcete)

    1. Zuzi —
      D’akujem bardzo, I am glad you want to share this with your readers!
      You may also have already found my own posts about learning Slovak; for example:

      Yes, please feel free to re-post any materials here with a link back to this site, of course.
      I will be very interested to read about Slovak language learning on your site, too…
      — Marek

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