One old Slovak film 2

<< BEFORE: Rabbit & Babka watch movie where girl drowns in river …

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8 thoughts on “One old Slovak film 2

  1. Stories like this are found in the old folklore books. The ‘current’ Grimm stories, for example, are cleaned up for the public – by the Grimms. If you find the first printing the step-mothers were often simply mothers! But these stories, I feel, speak to a deep, deep part of us – a place of loss, or where we do not feel worthy, and that there are people who care and will help or save us. And usually, as in the real world, we have to wait for the final ending and most times, we wait a long time.

  2. I kept waiting for there to be magic in this story. There was no magic, merely graveyard, pricked finger and sorrow.
    I have always appreciated all magic & tragic realism found in Grimm’s fairy tales. Original versions are indeed grim, however fairy tales from Slavic world are order of magnitude more so…

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