What are we looking at here

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8 thoughts on “What are we looking at here

  1. I love the architecture of old buildings. America is always tearing down the old to put up new and modern. Imagine the hard work by the people who built them,back breaking labor.

    • As you will see, in many panels, rabbit is not really looking at buildings but rather their absence… Site where rabbit sits was recently chaotic post-war rubble-pile.

  2. I’m sure you know that American urban planning suffered the same problem in the 1960s (maybe even before)–cutting cities in half, dividing neighborhoods, dumping highways into downtowns–Detroit, Boston, Miami. DC even has an existential ramp near the train station where they stopped building what was to be an extension of Rt 95 through the city just in the nick of time, but still a neighborhood razed.

    • Yes! Providence was an extreme example of that, with the East Side’s “India Point” strangled off and demolished by the interstate. And strangely enough I’ve heard that’s why the North End stayed so European for so long.
      Can we read state ideology in map of highway?

  3. It occurred to me that in addition to the communists affronting the concept of religion in general by building the road so close to the church entrance, maybe they were also belittling the church’s history because it was the location of the coronation of so many Hungarian monarchs? (Given the bad blood with the Hungarians?)
    Marek, you might have seen this before because you know a lot more than I do but I found the old newspaper headlines here informative: http://clevelandhistorical.org/items/show/596#.UuF9JVgo4dW

    • My great grandparents attended St. Ladislas and my grandparents were married there. I have their wedding certificate. I also went to the Slovak Museum there in Cleveland Ohio. A wonderful place to visit. Of course I was raised in Lakewood a suburb of Cleveland. I am blessed to have ancestors both Slovak maternal and paternal. My sistets and I are the last of the Slovaks in our immediate family. I do keep some traditions and food going in my family. I believe it is important for my children to know so they can pass some of our herritage down to their children.

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