Who burned the castle down?

Here is a tragic picture and article about last month’s Krasna Horka castle fire in Eastern Slovakia:

Krasna Horka Fire (Huffington Post) >>

And just what dreadful plot was capable of burning down an entire castle, you ask?  What diabolical army of marauding barbarians?  Well, it turns out it was just two boys trying to light a cigarette.

(Given the damage these two kids accomplished without even trying, I don’t think Krasna Horka’s defensive works could have stood up to an invading army for very long!  Doesn’t this almost remind you of something from The Far Side by Gary Larson?)


2 thoughts on “Who burned the castle down?

  1. What I liked about the article is that is said: “90% of the historical collections were saved.” It makes such a nice change from “collection lost in fire!” Glad to hear no one was hurt, and most of the contents were saved.

  2. As you’ll learn in the unlikely event you take the duck boat tour, much of Portland, Maine was once accidentally burned down by some kids sneaking a smoke in a stable. It may not happen as often as cancer, but I think someone needs to raise awareness of major arson as a danger of smoking…

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