C+D+K in school… and now back to work

Over the past two weeks I’ve been super busy with school residencies and evening comics events — that’s why I haven’t been posting much new material here.  This week I’m getting back to work on some new Slovakia stories, with an eye to wrapping up the book as soon as possible!

Even though the daily posts may have slacked off a bit lately, good progress has continued on the Komiks front.  I recently had the opportunity to read several of these Coffee+Dumpling+Komiks stories with students in a nearby school, and they gave me lots of great advice for revising and improving my work.

  • 5th graders were drawing comics about ancient Greek myths, so we looked into the mythic & historical research that went into the LIVES OF THE SAINTS series.

One of my favorite features of the comics medium is the fact that even neophytes and very young (even pre-literate) readers can give useful advice to us old full-time artists (and even teach us a thing or two when they draw their stories!).


    1. I find the more comics work I do (like C+D+K), and the more residencies I do, the more they all start CONNECTING together in the curriculum, the networking, and the calendar scheduling…

  1. I am glad your back. Maybe you can teach me a thing or two. Sometimes children can be superb teachers to us older folks,if only we just listen once in a while.Missed your comics.

    1. Every generation needs the others, both older and younger, for vital energy and perspectives!

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