Song: “Slovensko Moje”

Here is translation comic from my early days in Bratislava. (Please excuse bombastic approach with first verse; format of book was not yet in place at time of drawing!)

This song taught me LOTS about Slovak attitudes towards community and land (not to mention sentence structure and word order!):

MORE: Video of “Slovensko Moje” (played on Slovak fujara) >>

7 thoughts on “Song: “Slovensko Moje”

  1. I thought this comic was wonderfl.Very desriptive in verse by verse.Capturing the feelings of the people not only in words but their actions.Very beautiful. Thank you I have a Slovak document of my great grandfathers,on it,it states he was a farmer.the song brought tears to my eyes.

    • Beatrix… Yes, when I hear this song and think about the countryside of Eastern Slovakia, I feel the same way. — M

      • PS. I think I’ll add a photo of the countryside at the end of the post!

  2. Marek, great job on this comic. You really show the spirit of Slovakia with your choice of themes and the way you illustrate them. However, as much as we love the Slovak national instrument, Fujara, I think that the version of the video uploaded by Cyrobal on youtube would give your readers a better idea of what the song sounds like (with vocals). Plus the pictures are beautiful. I know that it’s a fancy orchestral arrangement, but I hear drumbľa (jew’s harp) at the beginning and píšťalka (wood flute) in the arrangement.

    • Thanks for the feedback & the tip, Ken. (I hope interested readers will look up the video in your comment above! They might want to hear how the song is sung by voices & played by an ensemble….)

      I posted the link to the solo fujara version because I thought it would leave more to the readers’ (or listeners’) imagination. For me, this song will always be a slow lonesome a capella piece sung on a porch looking over a doomed hillside, the only “orchestral arrangements” being plenty of street noise, the sounds of coffee stirring & people murmuring, probably the faint voice of a TV from somewhere inside the house, etc. etc. … The Eastern style of delivery has a different accent & slight swing to it. Maybe I’ll dust off some of my old field recordings and see about making a video of my own!

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