Fight popcorn with chocolate

<< BEFORE: Rabbit is drawing with babka’s granddaughters.
WARNING: Before reading this episode, you might want to review the basics of “Slovak Hospitality”

Q) What is Šarišski?
A) Language of Šariš.

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10 thoughts on “Fight popcorn with chocolate

  1. My grandparents always put on the hospitality. You would go over to visit and you would not leave without a many many course meal and a shot of liquor. They were wonderful Slovaks to the core.

  2. B — You will think I am joking, but even before you wrote comments I DID have carrot cake on counter next to hruska…! Good call. — Marek

  3. The gut-busting sandwich platter! Something I’ve encountered here when visiting my wife’s family: several hours after a filling dinner and multiple varieties of koláč, when we are all stuffed and sitting around the living room totally comatose, someone will sneak off to the kitchen and come back with a second sandwich or cold-cuts platter. By this point, I typically can’t even look at the thing without feeling a little ill. But I am impressed with the lengths people here will go to stuff their family and friends full of food. It almost verges on sadistic!

      • Believe me, many shots of slivovica are thrust into my hand throughout the course of a typical get-together with the family. I don’t really have a choice!

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