Candy bar calculations

<< BEFORE: Rabbit discusses Slovak minimum wage in man-cave…


5 thoughts on “Candy bar calculations

  1. you hit on something i relate to on a daily basis. not making much more than that minimum (and living in one of the most expensive areas …things here cost about the same as NYC without the hip folks wandering down the street to enjoy)…i always think ‘How long will i have to work to pay for….”. So many folks just grabbing that big old cuppa starbucks and a cookie on the side…that’s probably an hour’s work for someone..maybe even the person slopping the black stuff into the cup.
    Really gives ya something to think about! Have you got more of this thinking for us? (and hey, i think this comic shouljd be a poster that is hung in ever school….make those kids think before they ask their parents for some new this or that; ) )

  2. Wages here in Slovakia are truly insulting. They are less than half of what people working equivalent jobs earn in France or Germany, yet the cost of living is not so different. What’s truly frustrating is that you have all of these multi-national companies like IBM, Dell, Amazon, etc. coming to Slovakia specifically to take advantage of this country as a source of cheap labor. Why pay people in Germany 4k a month when you can pay people in Slovakia 1500 a month to do the same thing? That is the general attitude. My brother-in-law, who works for IBM in Bratislava, has told me about how they have been moving jobs from the UK and Germany to Slovakia, because that saves them a lot of money. While that does mean more jobs for Slovaks, it also means they’re being taken advantage of. Slovakia is fast becoming like Mexico or China in that regard, where there is a growing pool of workers willing to work for far less than their counterparts in Western Europe, primarily because wages here were always on the lower end to begin with. I wish there was something the government here could do to persuade these companies to raise the average wage, but I think they know that’s what attracts companies like these to Slovakia in the first place. They would just move to Romania, or Africa (IBM is opening up numerous new offices in Africa as we speak).

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