Price of gas

<< BEFORE: Rabbit buys food for picnic lunch.


12 thoughts on “Price of gas

    • Good question.
      Slovaks walk LOTS more.
      For some, this means they are much thinner.
      For others, this means they are much stouter.
      On whole, they seem much more fit and strong than people in other places I have lived.
      Does not necessarily mean “thinner”….
      Depends on many other factors — lifestyle, diet, etc.

      • Are you sure it is not a litre? Well, back to the gallon. As we all know American’s are not known for being able to hold their drink so they have a smaller pint at 16 oz, and the Imperious Imperial Pint is a grand 22 oz! Which makes the Imperious Imperial Gallon a tad larger than the American one! Love the song by the way. Posted it on my FB page.

    • Actually half a liter is standart. Slightly less than a pint.

      BTW. @ the walking comment – you need to factor in the cost of a car in as well.
      Unlike in the US, one car per household is normal, only the better off in bigger cities, or those having company cars usually have more than one. And even then, the second one is usually pre-owned.

      • Oh yes — there are the smaller bottles, but most of the pivo I saw at home was in the bigger bottles, to share.
        You’re right, I didn’t factor in the cost of the car! Perhaps this is because I never think of car-shopping in Slovakia… All the cars I have ridden in there are older cars, so I assume they were paid off long ago & thus purchasing cost is not an issue… But of course maintenance is (whether you do it yourself or have a friend do it)!
        ~ M

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