Meal tickets

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By interesting coincidence, above page comes out while Allan Stevo posts his excellent advice feature, “How to Beat a Slovak to the Bill” over at 52 WEEKS IN SLOVAKIA!

According to Stevo: 

Without fail, the Slovak will always beat you to the bill.  If there were an Olympic discipline in who can pull out his wallet most quickly, Slovaks would win the gold, silver, and bronze each time…

All too true, in our experience!  (And hopefully above comic provides some insight into effects of economic and labor policies on these high-stakes table games.)  But what do you think?  Are there any other cultures that could provide Slovaks with some competition?


~ UPDATE (5 May 2012) ~

For those who are interested in such details, here is page about benefits of Slovakia’s employer-provided “gastro ticket” system.  To quote page:

What is a meal ticket?

The voucher or ticket allow you to consume a main meal in a wide range of restaurant or bars. This can solve in a fast and effective way, the obligation established by the law for employers to provide meals to its employees. At the same time helping to improve the social environment in the workplace through financial and tax advantages.

Actually, this would make good C+D+K comics page, so maybe for now we will leave it for another post…