Running out

Let’s look back again at first few early days in Bratislava, before I found place to live and get food and things like that.  It was time of unsettled stress and confusion, and always rattling around in background, there were those infernal screeching sparking trams

I have had lots of trouble figuring out how to draw my adventures from this time period, but here is sample morning episode:

EXTRA: Rabbit already drew this story out in homework assignment for class.

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14 thoughts on “Running out

    • Thanks; I had that slightly extra space between big panel & lowest tier of panels, & suddenly realized it might seem like page was happening slowly. Is not happening slowly, rabbit just experiences it as such!

  1. Oh my god, those tram drivers seem to have a pathological disregard for human life! I was nearly nailed by one a few months back, and I’ve seen a few close calls with some other people – even a few elderly folks. My wife recently helped an elderly lady who stumbled and fell on the tracks and got her up on the curb just in time. The approaching tram driver was hurdling through as if nothing was in his path!

    • J — Yes, I realize now that this was not special experience, but simply part of learning to live in Bratislava. Sort of like a test which you cannot fail if you are to continue existing in town. I feel chills when I see news of recent killings. Stay tuned for story of what happened to other student at my school shortly after.

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