Song: “Hej, Slovaci!” (Hey, Slovaks!)

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We are posting this video to provide context for above song.  At time of story, rabbit did not realize historical connotations of song.  Video will show you many memorial photographs of First Slovak Republic, including Slovak fascist symbols, Mnsgr. Tiso, etc.:

UPDATE 1 (June 2012)

In the comments below, Peter Korchnak has posted this useful link to information about the composition & history of HEY, SLOVACI:,_Slavs

Among other things, Peter’s link features original lyrics of song, which are worth reposting (English here, original Slovak on link):

Ho, ye Slovaks! our beloved
language still surviveth;
While the faithful heart within us
for our nation striveth;

Yes, the Slovak spirit liveth;
it will live forever
Hell and thunder, ‘gainst us raging,
vain is your endeavor.

God to us our tongue entrusted,
God, who sways the thunder;
Who on earth then shall presume this
gift from us to sunder!

Though the earth were filled with
demons, our rights assailing,
We defy them. God is with us,
Parom´s strong arm prevailing.

Though about us storms are raging,
bringing devastation,
Rocks disrupting, oaks uprooting,
shaking earth’s foundation,

Yet we stand like castle walls,
our vested rights asserting;
May the earth engulf the traitor
from our ranks deserting.

As I draw out Rabbit’s adventures, I have to cut and edit and combine many moments to keep each story at readable length.  One line I cut from above story is when Slovak Host says (about Hej, Slovaci song), “You know, many other countries have used that song, too.  I think Yugoslavia used it as a national anthem for years.” ****  He was correct!

In considering fascist ideology & connection between fascism, ethnic and racist politics, and Slovak nationalism, we must consider what lyrics like this meant to Slovaks caught between Germany, Russia, and the region-wide upheaval of the 1930s-1940s.

UPDATE 2 (June 2012)

**** Even NOW I am still editing… He actually said, “I think Yugoslavia used it as a national anthem for years, and also Poland used the melody for its national anthem…”  I poked around a bit in the Wikipedia and found the following passage:

Yugoslavia shared the melody of its national anthem with Poland. Its first lyrics were written in 1834 under the title “Hey, Slovaks” (Hej, Slováci) and it has since served as the anthem of the Pan-Slavic movement, the anthem of the Sokol physical education and political movement, and the anthem of the World War II Slovak Republic, Yugoslavia and Serbia and Montenegro. The song is also considered to be the second, unofficial anthem of the Slovaks. Its melody is based on Mazurek Dąbrowskiego, which has been also the anthem of Poland since 1926, but it is much slower and more accentuated.


(That bit about Hej, Slovaci being the national anthem of WWII Slovak Republic is incorrect, but that’s Wikipedia for you!)



    1. Thanks, PK — I am putting your link into the post up above as an UPDATE! I should have linked to Tomasik from the start.

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