Survival studies

<< BEFORE: Tough talk about quality of life.
AND NOW: Guys make small talk in darkness next to bike path…

ALSO SEE: Watch rabbit almost get run over by streetcar!

NEXT: Sing along with rabbit! >>

4 thoughts on “Survival studies

  1. It seems kinda weird to see that song mentioned here after the previous drawing that talked about the Jews, since this song was very popular during times of the Slovak state….Though obviously it´s not the fault of the song´s original writer that it was misused later…I didn´t know this until I searched for some more info about this song, but it´s variation Hey, Slavs! was actually the national anthem of Yugoslavia and later Serbia and Montenegro…

    • Yes… Agreed! It may seem very weird and artificial but truly conversation DID follow this path, without rabbit’s knowledge (as we shall see) of implications of song! (Conversations tend to follow such interconnected paths in Slovakia, as rabbit reminds us.)

      And yes, that IS very interesting, someone else told us this song was also national hymn of Poland at one time. We wonder if we can find links to this information somewhere…?

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