Very nice song

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10 thoughts on “Very nice song

  1. It is unfortunate that this song has been co-opted. Hej Slovaci! was frequently sung at meetings held during WWI by Slovaks living in America to support the establishment of a Slovak (and later a joint Czechoslovak) nation independent from Austro-Hungarian rule.

    Sad that its singing is now frowned on.

    • Yes, that is how rabbit first encountered this song — as positive statement of perseverence & survival in face of historical regional adversity, especially in context of Blasko’s essays, such as:

  2. By the same logic, if the nationalists sang the national anthem, it would not be okay to sing it, or, stretching it a bit, Slovaks should stop speaking Slovak because the white supremacists speak it. The origins of the song are legit and the hijacking of it as a symbol by hate groups does not diminish that.

    • Agreed! However, this specific song retains political connotations and Rabbit is learning about them.
      Similar musical situation in U.S. history might be “Dixie” … Although many consider that tune to be one of the most beautiful American melodies of the century, it CANNOT be played independent of its history. (Nor should it be, for many reasons…)
      Perhaps you are arguing for an active reclamation of these songs…? Rabbit will join your band!

      • What is history but a reclamation of ideas? Okay, maybe it isn’t, but why should we let the bad guys use beautiful, revolutionary songs for their nefarious purposes?

      • Excellent point!
        What resonates for me, actually, is really that song’s SURVIVAL urge, which I hope I also see in minority ethnic groups in Slovakia today… But it’s also why this piece picks up on the juxtaposition of HEJ SLOVACI with NACO POJDEM DOMOV.

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