<< BEFORE: Rabbit calculates vowel content of obscure Slovak phrases & compares with vowel content of equivalent English phrases.

AND NOW: Time to taste-test tongue twisters!

NEXT: Homework comes back! >>



  1. If I recall my long passed linguistics classes, I think we call those assonated consonants. Assonance is how I explain to Asian language speakers how to pronounce the two ‘th’ sounds. This is of course after I teach them how to make the ‘th’ sound in the first place.

      1. Thanks so much. Reading that, clears out the cobwebs. Fing linguistics anyway. When I was learning French and Korean, I never tried quantifying the sounds I was making, only spending hours trying to get the “odd” sounds right. Fortunately, neither French or Korean have sounds that are too different than what English speakers are familiar with.

        Thanks for the reminder!

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