Mom was church-goer

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9 thoughts on “Mom was church-goer

  1. Westerners often wonder why Slovaks (and other Central/Eastern Europeans) think “communism”, which never really existed, by the way, wasn’t so bad.

      • I hope Rabbit’s experiences here point to cultural explanations — for example, the fundamental differences between American & Slovak concepts of INDIVIDUAL and SOCIETY. For both U.S. and Slovakia (and any culture), some of this comes from religious narratives, some from collective historical memory

        We should also note that these issues are black and white (despite format of C+D+K comics). For example, we notice that in Rabbit’s home region (New England) tradition of “yeoman” farming with cow and chickens in many dooryards has (especially lately) given way to collective & distant factory-farms (q.v. Babka’s memories of collectivization)… Slovak rural culture under communism seemed to take on equal parts of collective disengagement & self-interested organization, at once worlds apart from and shockingly similar to elements of self-styled “open” economies.

        But enough talk from ME — back to work on comics about all this!
        What do YOU see when you compare these cultures (in your own family & regional experience)?

      • I have lived more then a half a century now and life as I knew it as a young person until now surely has changed,within my family and beyond. My family has grown apart partly because of education,economics and religion. All raised catholic now some do not believe there is a God. The educated ones look down on the less educated ones. The ones that both parents work and hate their jobs they look down on the ones who only one parent works and the other parent stays home. I hate to say this but it seems the more educated ones also are the ones that are ready to put the elderly parents into nursing homes. I have experienced this in much of my family,so sad. I live in Kentucky now in a rural farming community. Talking with some of the people here, our government has become more strict with rules and regulations in farming I see so many farms being sold,so many abandoned country homes and more and more homes being auctioned on the courthouse steps. Life as I once knew it is rapidly changing and I do not see it for the good. Here you can not share any vegetables or fruits you have in your garden with a neighbor you can get fined. You pay sales tax every year on any vehicle you own,called property valuation tax. If you have more then a couple animals they need to be registered. No more then two people to a bedroom of the same sex unless husband and wife. Yes things are changing.

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