Root cellar

<< BEFORE: Why is Slovakia angry at Greece?  Babka illustrates with story.

Perhaps you would like to read about Babka’s garden?
Or perhaps you would rather read posts about war?
Or perhaps posts about food are more to your taste?


7 thoughts on “Root cellar

    • Now that is not quite true. Canning (or maybe rather jarrinng?) – zaváranie – is still quite widespread, at least in the rural areas. If for anything else, you can not buy a good lečo or čalamáda, made exactly as you and your family like. Or even members – when I went to Prague, we would always make a couple jars of whatever with extra peppers – so I can take the extra hot ones with me. And there is not quite anything like eating homemade bacon with homemade pickles in the middle of the night, 500 miles away, to remind you of home.

      • I think Beatrix meant in USA, where many people have abandoned pleasures of home canning. Many Slovaks highly value their “domace” home-made food and retain traditions of gardening and zero-energy ground storage. Babka builds annual cycles of her life around such traditions.

        Ah! We must have some comics about the tradition of travel with food from home! Peter, you express this aspect of Slovak culture with eloquence.

  1. I am looking through all of your brilliant comics and I feel like I’ve had each of these conversations with my own Babinka. You capture the humor, the deep cultural influences and the sad undertones well. It really is a unique dynamic, isn’t it?

    • Thank you so much, that’s exactly my aim… Drawing it helps me notice such peculiarly Slovak elements.

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