Mighty bridge

Rabbit explores Bratislava

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9 thoughts on “Mighty bridge

  1. It’s actually Lafranconi Bridge. There is no Dvorak bridge in Bratislava, although the embankment is called Dvorak’s.

    • Ah! Thank you! I didn’t have official name of bridge in my notes, but I knew Dvorakovo Nabrezie from sign at foot of bridge. Never approached top of bridge (in car) to see street signs. (But that also explains “Lafranconi” stop on elektricka route!)
      Final page in book will have corrected name…

      • I have been following up on your comics just for a while, but I really like it. Kind of reminds me of Maus (characters/animals) or if you wish stories from Antiquity… Keep up the good work and thanks!

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