Ultimate C+D+K mini-comic mailing?!

What’s that sprouting in C+D+K cabbage patch?

Why, it’s yet one more 16-page mini-comic, mailed out TODAY directly to all C+D+K donors & book pre-order addresses in North America!

This booklet contains several of Babka’s family stories from her childhood and that of her father.  Accompanying note explains how this is PROBABLY final mailing of entire C+D+K production!

WHY IS THIS FINAL?  Well, because this month by the end of Summer, all drawing will finish & book publication will begin!  With that in mind, we’re looking to build up some audience on BLOG and FACEBOOK PAGE, so please share your favorite C+D+K comics with friends and help spread word about project!

D’aka!  Thanks!


  1. Thanks for the mini mailing, I hope you will keep up the comic. I enjoyed reading and learned much. I actually look forward to a new poat in my email almost daily. Thanks once again.

    1. You’re welcome. I also enjoy sending out stacks of mini-comics in mail. That is really how these comics are supposed to be read. Reading comics “online” is not my preference, but if it enables me to meet other readers in far-flung states and countries then it is good thing, for sure!

      1. I am not so great with emailing. Short replies I vuess are good. I am better at letter writing,probably because I can express myself better.

      2. Letter writing feels more intentional, like sitting with someone & having real (but really slow) conversation. Email feels more like talking on telephone over bad connection…

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