Behind me stretching east

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NOTE: Technically south side of Lafranconi bridge is still Slovakia, but only for some twists of freeway ramps before Austrian border and vast western plains beyond.  For all it matters to Rabbit, North Bank of Danube is “Slovak Coast”!


Here is “DANUBE” on Wikipedia… It is very interesting river!

I first became really interested in Danube when I found it personified as enormous deity at very start of Ancient Roman Comics Monument, “Trajan’s Column.”  Here is what John Hungerford has to say about Danube deity in that comic of ancient Mediterranean invasion of Slavic world:

It is a noble face, and is raised as if in anxious concern for the welfare of the emperor. Rivers in antiquity, such as the Tiber and the Nile, are thus personified. … They were supposed to be concerned in all that passed on their streams. Of bridges and dykes they were believed to be jealous, as of bonds or restraints on their own liberty. Trajan, whose religious exactness is fully represented in the course of these bas-reliefs, is careful to show the consent of the Danube god to the erection of his [TRAJAN’S] [PONTOON] bridge; his [DANUBE’S] right hand is accordingly upholding one of the boats; the thumb of the divinity is shown through the water under the stern of the second boat.

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