Loud and clear

<< BEFORE: Rabbit looks at bridge across Danube

Rabbit has very conflicting reactions to Bratislava’s riotous blend of modern and antiquitous architecture.

MORE: For pictures of billboard sprawl in Bratislava, see Jeffko’s “EATEN ALIVE” post…

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5 thoughts on “Loud and clear

  1. Ha! I love the Slovensky Rozhlas building! When post-war-era communist architects were allowed to be creative, they sometimes came up with some really unique stuff. I’m not a big fan of your typical panelak, but some of these more monumental projects are really original and striking. Also, interestingly, the Slovensky Rozhlas was reportedly first designed in the 1960s, but it took so long (and required so much money) to build, that it wasn’t completed until the early ’80s. That’s communist-era efficiency for you, I suppose. Whenever I’ve shown this building to people their reaction is usually something along the lines of “whoa!!!” Oh, and “riotous blend of modern and antiquitous architecture” is certainly an apt way to describe Bratislava’s urban landscape.

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