Visit with colleague

This is very difficult conversation to treat in comics format, but especially valuable to entire story.  I have put off drawing it for long time, thinking I would come up with some tactful way to present it.  There is no tactful way to present it.  So here it is:

One thing I value in Slovak culture is ability of all people to talk with and really listen to each other on contentious topics.  I feel like in another culture, this conversation might have ended up as shouting match.  In Slovak culture, I always feel comfortable to disagree and compare ideas with other person, and I know they will not kick me out of house or “tell me where to go.”  In fact, if you really get “discussing” something with Slovaks, you are liable to talk for such a long time that coffee and cakes will give way to dinner, and slivovica bottles will come out, and conversation will really get interesting.

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8 thoughts on “Visit with colleague

  1. It is the same in the UK – I can have talks with folks that go on for ever sometimes and folks listen and discuss! Listen and discuss about religion, politics, immigration, all sorts of things and yes it can get heated, but folks listen. Sometimes folks even see the other person’s point and agree to it!

    • There is a certain acceptance of arguing as legitimate social interaction, not personal attack.
      It really does get interesting when drinking is involved — as I imagine it does in UK as well?

  2. As a child I would listen to my grandparents discuss different topics also with friends or relatives. Of course they were Slovak. Now I never here my sisters discuss anything because they are very very diversified.

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