Just what doctor ordered


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6 thoughts on “Just what doctor ordered

  1. too much alcohol in your comics. 😉 certainly there are more interesting topics, although i can see how it goes in some villages (with no future)

    • My grandparents always offered a high ball (gingerale and whiskey) or shot and a beer when anyone would come over to their house and they lived in USA. They also immigrated to USA from Slovakia. It is not a matter of too much alcohol it was a matter of being hospitable. Slovaks are very cordial and they just want the guest to feel comfortable,remember they or their ancestors went through a lot and food was a way to be hospitable and alcohol they usually made their own.Come to Kentucky and you will see too much alcohol. Slovaks are very proud of their culture and I am Slovak and not until about 10 years ago did I start understanding that. Here in USA there are many many mixed cultures and I think more people should start researching their heritage and they too would understand much more.

      • Well, I have tried moonshine in the States and although I was warned, it was kind of easy compared to the 52%+ spirits in Slovakia.

        I just think that times are changing and being hospitable doesn’t necessarily mean to get someone really drunk.

      • D. Soft —
        Yes, and so it is in this case — Babka is not “doing shots” as Rabbit thinks at first, she is applying folk medicine from longtime Slovak herb- & root-gathering tincture tradition.
        Also, while many posts & stories do involve alcohol, we are here concerned chiefly with CULTURE surrounding alcohol (e.g., invitation/acceptance/refusal rituals, hospitality norms, social conventions moderating consumption, &c.). Rabbit comes from relatively puritanical New England culture where alcohol is considered somewhat naughty & definitely not to be consumed/mentioned/present in wholesome family/school/work situations. In such culture, many U.S. children grow up separated from alcohol, test it with peers during young adulthood (e.g. truck party in sandpits), make mistakes, receive little guidance. Thus Rabbit is fascinated by ubiquity of alcohol, practices of cooperative moderation (rituals depicted actually control intake WHILE encouraging social drinking), and multi-generational aspects of alcohol culture, where many Slovak children grow up observing adults drinking (sometimes lots) but also behaving responsibly (choosing one adult to NOT drink & thus act as driver, caretaker, &c.) around alcohol.
        We will get into some more of this in comics. Thanks for bringing it up!

      • B. Mana —
        My (Slovak-Americanka) grandma “Baba” married old New England Rhode Islander stock. He drank PBR out of can with peanut butter sandwiches, she baked pies & cakes, & when Slovak side uncle came to visit the shot glasses came out. Uncle had his own shot glass at each house for use during visits. Social drinking, of course, not to get drunk or in search of oblivion, but to celebrate family gatherings & occasional exciting events in baseball games on TV or radio.

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