Old debts

<< BEFORE: Rabbit travels towards Bratislava on day of big parliamentary vote

Cyril and Methodius created original Slavonic alphabet (ancestor of later “Cyrillic” script) among many other achievements.  Their name day in Slovak calendar (which was yesterday!) is national holiday in Slovakia.

If this comics treatment seems rather simplistic and cartoony, it is because such is my conversational level of understanding of story…  But this is perfect example of how coincidences and narrative details keep connecting together and casting strange light on each other during this journey.


4 thoughts on “Old debts

  1. I am just glad we don’t use their hlaholic (or later cyrilic) letters, but rather standard latin character set. The whole addition of the Cyrilus&Methodius day to the calendar was a part of the populist-nationalist government strategy of then (and partially now). At least they have created an own trap they fell into and they need to solve now – what holidays to remove from the too many we have.

      • OK, you are right, it was introduced in 1993. Still, heavy nationalist/populist government at that time.

      • Yes — the high point of Slovak Nationalism (at least in current generation), correct?

        Still, I am always surprised to find yet another connection between Greece & Slovakia in antiquity.

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