By the book

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4 thoughts on “By the book

  1. It could be argued that gypsy are not a part of history of this or that town. Although they are definitely a part of the present. Not too pleasant a part of present, oftentimes, not something to put in such a book usually. Having a similar book about Lexington, KY lying around, I have to wonder – what would I see if I went there that I would not see in that book?

    I wish I could get the one book that goes out of the way of these coffee table books. KSC. Sub-titled “Na Ural nikdy nebolo blizsie” (Urals were never so close). Maybe there.

    • Peter — I have been thinking about your comment for days. It is a good point, and it has helped me immensely to understand people’s attitudes towards the situation. Roma are definitely NOT a part of the “history” (in the sense of written history), and that’s what Rabbit is starting to question here. They were definitely THERE (witness so many traditional folk songs featuring Gypsy as beautiful/dangerous exotic outsider), but they were not considered part of TOWN. This seems to approach roots of current tensions between ethnicities in composite communities in Eastern Slovakia, and is why I am spending much time & energy trying to capture Rabbit’s discovery of split-consciousness blindness in streets of town.

      Please take a look at Lexington, KY history and tell us if it mentions native civilizations that precede modern “Lexington”! Som zvidavy!

      PS. KSC” looks very interesting

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