On road to High Tatry mountains

This week, Rabbit and Mamka decide to “get away from it all” and take vacation daytrip to unbelievable beauty of Vysoke Tatry mountain range in Central Slovakia.

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8 thoughts on “On road to High Tatry mountains

  1. Hi Marek,

    Several things:

    1) I clicked through to that link about the Vysoke Tatry. Wow, wow, wow! So gorgeous! This kind of scenery always makes me really intimidated when attempting to recreate that beauty. I’m glad you’re pushing through on this important project.

    2) I was talking with Candace about your comic last night and your recent topic of discussion: gypsies. We started comparing gypsy/nomadic/outcast cultures in different parts of the world and she was curious if the Slovak gypsies were muslim, what culture group they belong to, and from where did they originate in the first place (ousted from their original home, etc.)? Anyhow, I had no answer to any of these questions, but figured you might.

    3) Candace says hello. Also; CANDACE AND I ARE NOW MARRIED! Just happened a couple weeks ago. Thought I’d share the good news. 🙂

    Ryan Claytor

    • Hi Ryan, Hi Candace, congratulations! 8^D
      Thanks for your “things”… Here is a link to historical overview I drew at start of my trip:

      I see Peter is also answering your questions below…

  2. Hello Marek,

    welfare is paid monthly, somewhere about 20th. You can usually tell if you go to local supermarket.

    Ryan, slovak gypsies are christian. Well, kind of – statistically speaking, if you understand me. Most dont practice religion (there are exceptions – not too rare, but definitely a minority).

    Their racial heritage goes back to India, but I dont know why did they travel to Europe.

    • Peter — Thanks for clarifications. In my town it was the 3rd Friday of every month. And yes, there will be Welfare Friday Supermarket scenes coming up. (The sudden dissolution of certain sectors of society – especially around the ghetto – upon delivery of welfare payments can be shocking and sobering… although “sobering” is not really the correct word for it.) — M

    • Thanks for your perspective on the matter, Peter. This definitely clears up a couple questions we had…but also poses a couple more. Ha-ha! 🙂

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