Silent classroom

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6 thoughts on “Silent classroom

  1. I have a question. My husband went to give blood at the Red Cross today. We live in Kentucky USA. They asked him if he has ever been to Slovakia, Poland, Libya,Czech Republic and a few others. Now if he has been there he would not be able to donate blood because of a disease called Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease. I read about it on the internet but only what the USA gov. wants you to know. Do you know anything more about this and if it is in a more concentrated area? I appreciated any response.

    • Interesting — It sounds familiar but I have not heard of it. Is it so communicable that you can pick it up just by visiting the country, and if so, shouldn’t we know more about it? Does anyone else know more about this? Please keep us posted on your research… — M

  2. Apparently it is similar the so-caled mad cow disease, and a variant can be caused by it. I know that here when I donate blood, I am asked whether I spent more than 6 month in the UK between 1980-1996, but I dont know if it is grounds for immediate dismissal.
    As I read it, staying in Europe short-term, (or even a couple years in continental Europe) should not be a problem. Although if the local station has enough blood, I see how they might tighten restrictions. I have to wonder how do they do it in the UK though.

    It is quite rare, but I guess the trouble with it for the blood people is, that it has quite an incubation period and is not detectable in blood (well as of now that is)

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