Anniversary of nothing

<< BEFORE: Babka talks revolution over breakfast, or while cooking soup …

Since Rabbit is living at Babka’s house, they get to discuss things like “revolution” over and over again as season progresses…


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6 thoughts on “Anniversary of nothing

    • Yes, Rabbit is very idealistic. He still has much to learn, but also he is learning much with every conversation.

  1. Maybe a little more “scientific” look will help some other rabbits and people to understand this point of view – most all people who came into contact with basic psychology (be it in customer study in economics or marketing, in psychology study, psychiatrics, or medicine, or in teaching lessons or whatever else…) know the Maslow pyramid.

    I think you will agree that the conceptual need of freedom, is higher up the pyramid, than the need of things like food, shelter etc.

    Now, consider this:
    In Bratislava and Prague, living standars are high above country averages. Not much people have lost much of the more basic needs supply, for the most part, pay is good, you can get work, et cetera.
    This is the kind of people that will worry about stuff like freedom to travel, freedom to create, freedom of speech.

    On the other hand, people in “hunger valleys” in Slovakia, who have once had their basic needs met, as there was guarantee of work and pay, are now having problems meeting their basic needs. There is little work left, and when you do get work, it is not paid very well. Pensions are small as well. Sure, most things are a bit cheaper than in the capital, but not by much. And when you have problems gathering enough money to buy some food, you are hardly going to be very happy about the fact that if you could afford it, you can go to the UK (unless you go to work there, that is).

    This then I believe explains why many people in more rural parts of Slovakia will tell you that they had it better before the revolution. They had their basic needs about met, but now, they dont, or they need to sacrifice more to have them met.
    As you noted in one of the older comics, it is better to be fed in prison, than starving on the street. And in socialism, it was not even prison.
    Whereas in Prague and Bratislava and Brno and Kosice (to extent), the basic needs have always been met and still are. Praguers and Bratislavans have not lost anything in this regard, instead, they gained in higher levels of the pyramid.

    And the fact, that people had it a little better in the big cities even in late eighties, will explain why there was revolution in the big cities, but not in the small towns.

      • It is always interesting to see how a stranger tries and grasps aspects of Slovak culture. And with rabbit is extra interesting – because he has both the advantage of Slovak heritage, and a disadvantage of American idealism and naivetee.

        Take, for example, his almost immediate grasp of the hospitality game. Other westerners are lost in it sometimes even after years in Slavic countries (the hospitality “game” exists in pretty much every Slavic country, even if it is more visible in some than the others).
        And then, he stumbles like a kid learning to walk in some other area.

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